Avoid high season in order to get a convenient stay

visit Greece

Have you decided to visit Greece? Great idea, it is a country that is much more than a beautiful postcard, which has a lot to offer and in which we do not get bored for a second. Here are our tips for making your trip the best in the world. Unless you are really forced to do so, you are really advised to visit Greece at a different time than during the high season (July and August). Do not panic, you will not be cold if you go in May, June, September or even October and you will see, your trip will be much more enjoyable in these conditions than if you are constantly in the middle of hundreds of other tourists.

There is life after the islands

Obviously, when you visit Greece, you want to visit its famous islands , Santorin, Mykonos, Corfu, the Cyclades and other Rhodes are destinations that are dream and worth seeing. However, we should not neglect the rest of the country: the splendid mountains of Pindus for example, which rises to more than 2,600 meters or the white sand beaches of western Peloponnese. There is good a life after the islands! You must also try the Airpaz.

Eat like a local

The Greeks, like many Mediterranean people, eat late, so do not be surprised if you find the desert restaurant at 19h, this is not the sign that it is bad! It is sometimes enough to talk with locals, in a cafe or even with the staff of his hotel to know the best places to eat and drink a good glass of Ouzo for example!

Know how to be patient

Do not be stressed if everything is not going as fast as you would like. “Greek time” is indeed sometimes a little slower than elsewhere and punctuality not always the rendezvous. No matter, you’re on vacation so do not get upset when someone is late or you’re not served fast enough.

Respect morals

If the Greek society is modern and open, we find nevertheless in the older generations, people less open and more straddling orthodox religious values in particular. It is therefore important to respect things such as having a decent dress when visiting a church or monastery or practicing nudism only on the beaches where it is tolerated.

Try and learn a few words

As you are often invited to do, it is always practical and well known to know some words and expressions of the language of the country. So do not hesitate before you go to familiarize yourself with the numbers and learn to say hello “kalimera” or thank you “efkharisto” among others.

Do not leave Greece without trying Greek coffee! Be careful, this has nothing to do with an espresso or a filter coffee. The coffee grounds remain in fact more or less in suspension in the liquid and it is necessary to drink it in very small sips, the lips tight. Try it without sugar “Skéto” is very bitter, but accompanied by Greek pastries it becomes a pleasure to drink!